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Research Symposium: Cretaceous and Beyond

Badlands Dinosaur Museum, North Dakota Geological Survey, and Dickinson State University are delighted to invite you to attend our symposium:

Cretaceous and Beyond – paleontology of the Western Interior.


The main emphasis of the meeting is the evolution, ontogeny, and paleoecology of vertebrates from the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene (Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene) of North America. However, presentations on relevant non-vertebrate fields such as stratigraphy, geochronology, palynology, paleobotany, and invertebrate paleontology will also be welcome, keeping in mind the audience of mainly vertebrate paleontologists. Presentations on other time periods or geographic regions should clearly explain their relevance for vertebrate researchers in the Cretaceous and Paleogene of the Western Interior (e.g. intercontinental migration or variation, with Asian fauna, etc.).

Presentations are expected to represent primary research.

A limited number of presentation slots will be available for presentations on land use, and political or legal stewardship issues. If you have an idea for a presentation topic not listed here, please contact or to enquire about the suitability of the topic for this conference.

Platform presentations are 15mins. For abstracts with multiple co-authors, different parts of the presentation may be given by different individuals so long as it fits within the 15-minute time limit.

Up to two first-authored abstracts can be submitted for consideration. However, a second platform presentation will only be offered after all other attendees who wish to present a talk (and whose abstract has met the required quality and content standards) have already been allocated a slot.

We will also be hosting a “lightning talks” session comprising 5 minute presentations on the latest results. For example you might present the highlights of your 2019 field program or laboratory work. Perhaps you have an unusual research or lab problem and want some quick feedback from the audience. These presentations are in addition to the regular program and require only the name of the presenter and a short description (such as “field report”).


The symposium was conceived to provide a venue for North American vertebrate paleontologists who might be unable to attend the 2019 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, which is being held in Australia. The emphasis on Cretaceous and Paleogene vertebrates reflects the internationally significant fossil resources of the western Great Plains, which form the research and fieldwork foci of the host institutions.

Although aimed primarily at paleontology professionals, the symposium will include a public event in which a selection of attendees give brief overviews of their research, followed by a panel discussion with questions from the audience. This event will also be live-streamed so viewers around the world may participate.


  • September 14, 2019 - September 15, 2019