Field Trips

The Dickinson Museum Center offers a discounted rate for school groups in grades K-12 who book in advance. The charge is $2 per student and $2 per chaperone, with up to 2 Educators getting free entry per class.

We cannot always guarantee a guided tour for your group. If your group is large we may need to split you into smaller groups to allow you to visit the exhibit areas comfortably. The options for activities and tours that we can offer your group will depend on how much time you are able to spend here, the size of your group, and the age of your students.

Please note that May is our busiest month for field trips and it is important to book your place far in advance. On most days, we can accommodate one group in the morning and one group in the afternoon.

Your group is welcome to eat under the Heritage Pavilion in Prairie Outpost Park as long as it is not booked for another event. We do not allow gum, food, or drinks in the Museum.

We also offer discounted rates for other groups that book in advance.

Please call us at 701-456-6225 to discuss your visit and to reserve a day and time for your group at these discounted rates!

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