Gorham Store and Post Office

Gorham was a small town located northwest of Dickinson in Billings County, North Dakota.  Its heyday came around 1937 when 5 families and 5 businesses made up the town.

The Gorham Cooperative Store was organized in 1917 by some area ranchers and farmers. They bought an existing store from Lou Havnvik and Art Torson and George Hickey was hired to operate the co-op store. The original structure was a large 2 story building with the store on the first floor and living quarters on the second. The Hickeys moved into the building in December 1917. In January 1918 that building caught fire and burned down. It was rebuilt and George Hickey operated it until 1921 when it was sold to Roy Dietz. Hickey then built a store and post office across road and operated it until 1928. The store was then sold to Henry Kirking who, with his wife Cornelia, operated the store and post office until 1933. In 1940, the store was bought by John and Olga Baranko who operated it and the post office until 1947.

Mike Baranko bought the store in 1947. He operated it until 1972. At that time the government decided to combine the post offices of Gorham and nearby Fairfield. Baranko bought land along U.S. Highway 85 and built a new post office building. This became the Fairfield Post Office. The other businesses of Gorham relocated as well and Gorham became a ghost town. This building sat unused at the Gorham site until 1984 when it was moved to Prairie Outpost Park.

The left half of the building was devoted to the store.

The post office was on the right side of the building.

*This building is accessible to visitors with disabilities.

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