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Job Ad: Museum hiring Seasonal Paleontology Assistant

As part of its summer programming, Dickinson Museum Center is seeking a seasonal paleontology assistant for the 2019 summer tourist season, starting in mid-late May or early June (flexible), and lasting into August (at latest to Labor Day).


The seasonal paleontologist is a position that combines education & outreach, exhibit interpretation, and work in the preparation laboratory. The amount of time dedicated to each responsibility will depend on the ability and experience of the applicant.

Detailed job description, and information on applying can be found at the City of Dickinson page (below).

Application deadline is 5pm (Mountain Time) Mon April 8th 2019

Any further questions about job responsibilities please contact:

About the museum: The recently renamed Badlands Dinosaur Museum (formerly Dakota Dinosaur Museum; 1992-2015) was acquired by the City of Dickinson in December 2015, and hired curator Dr. Denver Fowler in April 2016. The museum is undergoing complete renovation and replacement of its exhibits and facilities, converting it into a public institution with an active fieldwork and research program.

We conduct fieldwork on public and private lands in the Judith River and Hell Creek Formations of Montana and North Dakota, focusing primarily on vertebrate fossils. We have recently been provisionally approved as a federal repository for Judith River and Hell Creek fossils.

Badlands Dinosaur Museum is part of Dickinson Museum Center, a 12-acre site focusing on paleontology and regional history. Most of our facilities are open year-round. We currently have six full time staff and a number of part time and seasonal staff.

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